Descendants of Christopher Study

Generation No. 1

1. CHRISTOPHER1 STUDY1,2 was born Unknown in Unknown3,4, and died Unknown in Unknown5,6. He married WIFE OF ELDEST STUDY7,8 Unknown in Unknown9,10. She was born Unknown in Unknown11,12, and died Unknown in Unknown13,14.

    Children of CHRISTOPHER STUDY and WIFE STUDY are:

  1. 2. i. JOHN2 STUDY, b. September 11, 1791, probably in Pennsylvania; d. March 01, 1843, possibly in Illinois.
  2. 3. ii. DAVID C. STUDY, b. Unknown, Unknown; d. March 27, 1872, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa.
  3. iii. ELIZABETH STUDY15,16, b. Unknown17,18.
  4. iv. SUSAN STUDY19,20, b. Unknown21,22.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 STUDY (CHRISTOPHER1)23,24 was born September 11, 1791 in probably in Pennsylvania25,26, and died March 01, 1843 in possibly in Illinois27,28. He married BARBARA BENNER29,30 Unknown in Unknown. She was born September 30, 1792 in Pennsylvania31,32, and died August 22, 1873 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa33,34.

    Children of JOHN STUDY and BARBARA BENNER are:

  1. i. CATHERINE3 STUDY35,36, b. March 17, 182137,38.
  2. 4. ii. ELIZABETH STUDY, b. January 18, 1824, Richland County, Ohio; d. May 29, 1906, Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa.
  3. 5. iii. DAVID STUDY, b. December 02, 1826, Owl Creek, Richland County, Ohio; d. September 20, 1902, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa.
  4. 6. iv. LEONARD STUDY, b. May 06, 1829, Owl Creek, Richland County, Ohio; d. January 08, 1916, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa.
  5. v. MARY ANN STUDY39,40, b. January 03, 183541,42.
  6. vi. SAMUEL STUDY43,44, b. Unknown45,46.
  7. vii. JOHN STUDY47,48, b. Unknown49,50.
  8. viii. CHRISTOPHER STUDY51,52, b. Unknown53,54.
  9. ix. DANIEL STUDY55,56, b. Unknown57,58.


3. DAVID C.2 STUDY (CHRISTOPHER1)59,60 was born Unknown in Unknown61,62, and died March 27, 1872 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa63,64. He married (1) FIRST WIFE UNKNOWN65,66 Unknown in Unknown67,68. She was born Unknown in Unknown69,70, and died Unknown in Unknown71,72. He married (2) MARY M. FORNEY73,74 Unknown in Unknown75,76. She was born Unknown in Unknown77,78, and died Unknown in Unknown79,80.

    Children of DAVID STUDY and FIRST UNKNOWN are:

  1. i. GEORGE3 STUDY81,82, b. Unknown83,84.
  2. 7. ii. ARCHIBALD STUDY, b. Unknown, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  3. 8. iii. EMMA J. STUDY, b. Unknown, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  4. 9. iv. FRANCIS MARIAN STUDY, b. Unknown, Unknown; d. July 26, 1900, Marshalltown, Iowa.
  5. 10. v. LUCINDA STUDY, b. Unknown, Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  6. vi. SUSANNA STUDY85,86, b. Unknown87,88.


Generation No. 3

4. ELIZABETH3 STUDY (JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)89,90 was born January 18, 1824 in Richland County, Ohio91,92, and died May 29, 1906 in Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa93,94. She married JOHN MARTIN EWELL95,96 August 28, 1842 in Hancock County, Illinois. He was born August 05, 1823 in Albemarle County, Virginia97,98, and died October 01, 1893 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa99,100.

    Children of ELIZABETH STUDY and JOHN EWELL are:

  1. 11. i. LUCINDA4 EWELL, b. July 27, 1843, Hancock County, Illinois; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  2. 12. ii. JOHN MARTIN EWELL, JUNIOR, b. August 27, 1845, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  3. 13. iii. MARY ELIZABETH EWELL, b. November 07, 1848, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. August 19, 1927, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
  4. iv. DAVID EWELL101,102, b. May 08, 1850, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa103,104; d. Unknown, Unknown105,106; m. HENRIETTA RAY107,108, October 17, 1869, Unknown109,110; b. Unknown, Unknown111,112; d. Unknown, Unknown113,114.
  5. v. BARBARA EWELL115,116, b. February 01, 1852, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa117,118; d. February 10, 1852, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa119,120.
  6. 14. vi. SARAH JANE EWELL, b. June 06, 1853, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  7. 15. vii. LEONARD EWELL, b. October 29, 1855, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. March 02, 1927, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa.
  8. viii. EMMA EWELL121,122, b. September 18, 1866123,124.

5. DAVID3 STUDY (JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)125,126 was born December 02, 1826 in Owl Creek, Richland County, Ohio127,128, and died September 20, 1902 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa129,130. He married MARY ANN ETTLEMAN131,132 June 28, 1849 in Thurman, Iowa. She was born October 14, 1831 in McDonalds Ville, Stark County, Ohio133,134, and died September 02, 1909 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa135,136.

    Children of DAVID STUDY and MARY ETTLEMAN are:

  1. i. ELIZABETH4 STUDY137,138, b. April 30, 1850139,140.
  2. 16. ii. PHEBE JANE STUDY, b. July 29, 1852; d. January 16, 1927, Bartlett, Iowa.
  3. iii. MARY CHRISTINA STUDY141,142, b. November 19, 1854143,144.
  4. 17. iv. LEONARD CHRISTIAN STUDY, b. March 31, 1857, Thurman, Iowa; d. April 25, 1926, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa.
  5. 18. v. HENRY STUDY, b. November 04, 1860, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  6. vi. BARBARA STUDY145,146, b. January 14, 1866, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa147,148; d. November 21, 1878, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa149,150.
  7. 19. vii. CATHERINE ELLA STUDY, b. May 31, 1870, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. July 12, 1917, Council Bluffs, Iowa.


6. LEONARD3 STUDY (JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)151,152 was born May 06, 1829 in Owl Creek, Richland County, Ohio153,154, and died January 08, 1916 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa155,156. He married SARAH E. GROVE157,158 September 02, 1858 in Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa. She was born August 06, 1840 in Clinton County, Ohio159,160, and died June 23, 1913 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa161,162.

    Children of LEONARD STUDY and SARAH GROVE are:

  1. 20. i. LISSETTE H.4 STUDY, b. May 28, 1859, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa; d. May 07, 1886, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa.
  2. 21. ii. MARY MARIA STUDY, b. December 18, 1860, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  3. 22. iii. BARBARA ALICE STUDY, b. November 15, 1862, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  4. iv. ELIZABETH STUDY163,164, b. November 22, 1867, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa165,166; d. October 14, 1873, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa167,168.
  5. 23. v. DAVID JAMES WALTER STUDY, b. March 22, 1874, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  6. 24. vi. CLARENCE ELMER STUDY, b. September 18, 1879, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  7. 25. vii. CLARA EMMA STUDY, b. September 18, 1879, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.


7. ARCHIBALD3 STUDY (DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)169,170 was born Unknown in Unknown171,172, and died Unknown in Unknown173,174. He married SOPHRONIA ANNA STEELE175,176 November 15, 1868 in Unknown177,178. She was born March 28, 1851 in Delaware County, Indiana179,180, and died August 31, 1909 in Unknown181,182.


  1. i. EMMA4 STUDY183,184, b. Unknown185,186.
  2. ii. FLORA STUDY187,188, b. Unknown189,190.
  3. 26. iii. ANNIE J. STUDY, b. August 25, 1871, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  4. iv. FRANK STUDY191,192, b. Unknown193,194.


8. EMMA J.3 STUDY (DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)195,196 was born Unknown in Unknown197,198, and died Unknown in Unknown199,200. She married (1) JAMES O. FOSTER201,202 October 01, 1859 in Sidney, Iowa203,204. He was born Unknown in Unknown205,206, and died Unknown in Unknown207,208. She married (2) JOHN ARGYLE September 19, 1864 in Thurman, Iowa. He was born Unknown in Unknown, and died Unknown in Unknown. She married (3) JOHN ARGYLE209 September 19, 1864 in Thurman, Iowa209. He was born Unknown in Unknown209, and died Unknown in Unknown209. She married (4) JOHN ARGYLE210 September 19, 1864 in Thurman, Iowa210. He was born Unknown in Unknown210, and died Unknown in Unknown210.

    Child of EMMA STUDY and JAMES FOSTER is:

  1. 27. i. FLORA ZELL4 FOSTER, b. June 10, 1860, Sidney, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown.

    Children of EMMA STUDY and JOHN ARGYLE are:

  1. ii. CHARLES4 ARGYLE211,212, b. Unknown213,214.
  2. iii. JOHN ARGYLE, JUNIOR, b. Unknown.
  3. iv. LEONARD ARGYLE215,216, b. Unknown217,218.
  4. v. MYRTLE ARGYLE219,220, b. Unknown221,222.
  5. vi. MAY ARGYLE223,224, b. Unknown225,226.


9. FRANCIS MARIAN3 STUDY (DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)229,230 was born Unknown in Unknown231,232, and died July 26, 1900 in Marshalltown, Iowa233,234. He married MARGARET ELLEN KERAN235,236 March 21, 1878 in Unknown237,238. She was born February 28, 1863 in Hardin County, Ohio239,240, and died December 23, 1920 in Scott Township, Fremont County, Iowa241,242.

    Children of FRANCIS STUDY and MARGARET KERAN are:

  1. 28. i. JOHN DAVID4 STUDY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  2. ii. IRA STUDY243,244, b. Unknown245,246.
  3. iii. LIZZIE STUDY247,248, b. Unknown249,250.
  4. 29. iv. ALTA STUDY, b. Unknown.
  5. v. MARIAN STUDY251,252, b. Unknown253,254.
  6. 30. vi. BAIN STUDY, b. Unknown; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  7. vii. EZRA STUDY255,256, b. Unknown257,258.
  8. viii. WILLIS STUDY259,260, b. Unknown261,262.
  9. ix. SON STUDY263,264, b. Unknown265,266.
  10. 31. x. FRANCIS MARION STUDY, b. December 29, 1889, Unknown; d. February 13, 1961, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa.


10. LUCINDA3 STUDY (DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)267,268 was born Unknown in Unknown269,270, and died Unknown in Unknown271,272. She married (1) GEORGE EYLER273,274 Unknown in Unknown275,276. He was born Unknown in Unknown277,278, and died Unknown in Unknown279,280. She married (2) PETER EYLER281,282 Unknown in Unknown283,284. He was born Unknown in Unknown285,286, and died Unknown in Unknown287,288.

    Children of LUCINDA STUDY and GEORGE EYLER are:

  1. i. FRANK4 EYLER289,290, b. Unknown291,292.
  2. ii. DOC EYLER293,294, b. Unknown295,296.
  3. iii. LIZZIE EYLER297,298, b. Unknown299,300.
  4. iv. SIMON EYLER301,302, b. Unknown303,304.
  5. v. DAVE EYLER305,306, b. Unknown307,308.
  6. 32. vi. WILLIAM EYLER, b. April 18, 1860, Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois; d. Unknown, Unknown.
  7. vii. WILSON EYLER309,310, b. April 18, 1860311,312.

    Children of LUCINDA STUDY and PETER EYLER are:

  1. viii. MARY4 EYLER313,314, b. Unknown315,316.
  2. ix. PETER EYLER, JUNIOR317,318, b. Unknown319,320.
  3. x. ANNIE EYLER321,322, b. Unknown323,324.


Generation No. 4

11. LUCINDA4 EWELL (ELIZABETH3 STUDY, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)325,326 was born July 27, 1843 in Hancock County, Illinois327,328, and died Unknown in Unknown329,330. She married JAMES ALEXANDER GRAY331,332 January 19, 1865 in Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska. He was born February 22, 1830 in County Tyrone, Ireland333,334, and died January 12, 1906 in Sidney, Iowa335,336.

    Children of LUCINDA EWELL and JAMES GRAY are:

  1. i. MARCIA5 WAITE337,338, b. Unknown339,340.
  2. ii. ELIZABETH S. ROCK341,342, b. August 30, 1875, Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois343,344; d. Unknown, Unknown345,346; m. MICHAEL SPITTLER347,348, January 30, 1894, Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska; b. November 20, 1866, Galena, Jo Davies's County, Illinois349,350; d. Unknown, Unknown351,352.

12. JOHN MARTIN4 EWELL, JUNIOR (ELIZABETH3 STUDY, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)353,354 was born August 27, 1845 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois355,356, and died Unknown in Unknown357,358. He married MARY ANN GROVE359,360 April 14, 1866 in Thurman, Iowa. She was born April 10, 1842 in Clinton County, Ohio361,362, and died July 31, 1922 in Kansas City, Kansas363,364.

    Children of JOHN EWELL and MARY GROVE are:

  1. i. ANNA LAURA5 EWELL365,366, b. January 14, 1867, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa367,368; d. Unknown, Unknown369,370; m. HERMAN L. PROCTOR371,372, November 06, 1886, Thurman, Iowa373,374; b. Unknown, Unknown375,376; d. Unknown, Unknown377,378.
  2. ii. GILBERT GROVE EWELL379,380, b. July 21, 1871, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa381,382; d. Unknown, Unknown383,384; m. (1) CLARA MARIE FAGELSTROM385,386, June 24, 1896, Garden City, Kansas387,388; b. Unknown, Unknown389,390; d. March 12, 1906, Grand Junction, Colorado391,392; m. (2) BERTHA LIPPERT393,394, 1910, Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado395,396; b. Unknown, Unknown397,398; d. Unknown, Unknown399,400.
  3. iii. FLORA JANE EWELL401,402, b. December 02, 1875, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa403,404; d. Unknown, Unknown405,406; m. DANIEL OTIS ECKIS407,408, August 06, 1908, Colorado409,410; b. Unknown, Unknown411,412; d. Unknown, Unknown413,414.
  4. iv. BESSIE OPAL EWELL415,416, b. September 26, 1881417,418.

13. MARY ELIZABETH4 EWELL (ELIZABETH3 STUDY, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)419,420 was born November 07, 1848 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa421,422, and died August 19, 1927 in Idaho Falls, Idaho423,424. She married JARED J. HARRIS425,426 March 20, 1866 in Unknown. He was born August 15, 1837 in Ohio427,428, and died October 31, 1901 in Pasadena, California429,430.

     Children of MARY EWELL and JARED HARRIS are:

  1. i. EDWIN E.5 HARRIS431,432, b. January 02, 1867, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa433,434; d. Unknown, Unknown435,436; m. (1) LOUISE ALLEN FAIRFIELD437,438, June 22, 1894, Washington, D. C.439,440; b. Unknown, Unknown441,442; d. Unknown, Grinnell, Iowa443,444; m. (2) SARAH A. MORROW445,446, January 28, 1928, Unknown447,448; b. Unknown, Unknown449,450; d. Unknown, Unknown451,452.
  2. ii. WILLIAM W. HARRIS453,454, b. December 17, 1868, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa455,456; d. February 08, 1890, Sidney, Iowa457,458.
  3. iii. HAROLD HORACE HARRIS459,460, b. May 11, 1871, Sidney, Iowa461,462; d. Unknown, Unknown463,464; m. HARRIETT ELIZABETH ANKENY465,466, June 12, 1901, Corning, Adams County, Iowa; b. August 02, 1875, Corning, Adams County, Iowa467,468; d. Unknown, Unknown469,470.
  4. iv. AVANELLE HARRIS471,472, b. June 24, 1876, Sidney, Iowa473,474; d. Unknown, Unknown475,476; m. CHRISTIAN E. SCHNELL477,478, April 19, 1905, Tabor, Iowa; b. August 26, 1878, Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa479,480; d. Unknown, Unknown481,482.
  5. v. LEON LELAND HARRIS483,484, b. October 02, 1877, Indian Springs, California485,486; d. Unknown, Unknown487,488; m. IRMA PARRISH489,490, July 04, 1913, Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa; b. June 24, 1887, Culbertson, Hitchcock County, Nebraska491,492; d. Unknown, Unknown493,494.
  6. vi. BENJAMIN BURLEIGH HARRIS495,496, b. November 10, 1880, Dutch Flatt, California497,498; d. October 15, 1902, Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa499,500.
  7. vii. AUGUST AINSWORTH HARRIS501,502, b. August 11, 1884, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa503,504; d. Unknown, Unknown505,506; m. SADIE MAY GREEN507,508, July 11, 1911, Malvern, Mills County, Iowa; b. November 07, 1887, Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa509,510; d. Unknown, Unknown511,512.
  8. viii. AGNES MARION HARRIS513,514, b. April 19, 1889, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa515,516; d. Unknown, Unknown517,518; m. CHARLES EVAN WHITE519,520, June 12, 1917, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa; b. October 15, 1887, Powhatan, Ohio521,522; d. Unknown, Unknown523,524.
  9. ix. MARIE ELFRIDA HARRIS525,526, b. July 28, 1893, Sidney, Iowa527,528; d. Unknown, Unknown529,530; m. CHARLES EDGAR ALLEN531,532, March 11, 1922, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California; b. May 11, 1889, Elgin, Kane County, Illinois533,534; d. Unknown, Unknown535,536.


14. SARAH JANE4 EWELL (ELIZABETH3 STUDY, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)537,538 was born June 06, 1853 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa539,540, and died Unknown in Unknown541,542. She married DAVID WILLIAM LEEKA543,544 November 04, 1875 in Hamburg, Fremont County, Iowa. He was born March 12, 1854 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa545,546, and died Unknown in Unknown547,548.

    Child of SARAH EWELL and DAVID LEEKA is:

  1. i. C. ROY5 LEEKA549,550, b. December 07, 1881, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa551,552; d. May 21, 1931, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa553,554; m. JENNIE MAGGIE MYRTLE BROWN555,556, December 10, 1910, Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa; b. November 05, 1887, Bartlett, Iowa557,558; d. Unknown, Unknown559,560.

15. LEONARD4 EWELL (ELIZABETH3 STUDY, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)561,562 was born October 29, 1855 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa563,564, and died March 02, 1927 in McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa565,566. He married HESTER FRANCES FLETCHER567,568 March 28, 1875 in Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa. She was born January 26, 1856 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa569,570, and died February 06, 1926 in Buhl, Twin Falls County, Idaho571,572.  

    Children of LEONARD EWELL and HESTER FLETCHER are:

  1. i. ESTELLA5 EWELL573,574, b. August 06, 1876, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa575,576; d. Unknown, Unknown577,578; m. ARTHUR M. WHALEY579,580, June 16, 1909, Deadwood, South Dakota; b. December 19, 1876, Eliza, Illinois581,582; d. Unknown, Unknown583,584.
  2. ii. OREN ERNEST EWELL, b. August 05, 1879.
  3. iii. EDITH EWELL585,586, b. April 21, 1885, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa587,588; d. May 20, 1885, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa589,590.
  4. iv. MELVIN JOHN EWELL591,592, b. May 15, 1886, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa593,594; d. Unknown, Unknown595,596; m. IRENE CARTE597,598, August 14, 1913, Eagle City, Blaine County, Oklahoma; b. September 10, 1897, Krebs, near McAllister, Indian Territory599,600; d. Unknown, Unknown601,602.
  5. v. OREN ERNEST EWELL603, b. August 05, 1879603.
  6. vi. OREN ERNEST EWELL604, b. August 05, 1879604.


16. PHEBE JANE4 STUDY (DAVID3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)605,606 was born July 29, 1852, and died January 16, 1927 in Bartlett, Iowa607,608. She married JOHN HUSTON609,610 April 14, 1870 in Unknown611,612. He was born September 21, 1848 in Thurman, Iowa613,614, and died May 12, 1920 in Bartlett, Iowa615,616.

    Children of PHEBE STUDY and JOHN HUSTON are:

  1. i. ALFRED5 HUSTON617,618, b. January 22, 1872619,620.
  2. ii. IRENE JANE HUSTON621,622, b. December 20, 1876623,624.
  3. iii. MABEL HUSTON625,626, b. August 07, 1878627,628.
  4. iv. NELLIE ALICE HUSTON629,630, b. October 08, 1879631; d. Unknown, Unknown632; m. JOHN NORMAN GREENWOOD632, December 28, 1899, Leeka632; b. October 28, 1875, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa632; d. Unknown, Unknown632.
  5. v. ELLA MAY HUSTON633, b. May 01, 1884, Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa633; m. CHANCY C. SIGLER633, August 24633.
  6. vi. ELLIE MAY HUSTON634, b. May 01, 1884, Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa634; d. February 20, 1950, Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa634; m. CHANCY CLAYTON SIGLER634, August 21, 1901, Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska634; b. October 12, 1879, Sandusky, Ohio634; d. August 04, 1963, Tabor, Iowa634.

17. LEONARD CHRISTIAN4 STUDY (DAVID3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)635,636 was born March 31, 1857 in Thurman, Iowa637,638, and died April 25, 1926 in McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa639,640. He married SARAH MARGARET CLAPPER641,642 September 06, 1877 in Thurman, Iowa. She was born September 03, 1860 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa643,644, and died Unknown in Unknown645,646.


  1. i. MAUDE ALICE5 MCKAY647,648, b. January 03, 1893649,650.


18. HENRY4 STUDY (DAVID3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)651,652 was born November 04, 1860 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa653,654, and died Unknown in Unknown655,656. He married LUCY ANN ETTLEMAN657,658 April 20, 1882 in Unknown. She was born June 11, 1863 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa659,660, and died December 24, 1899 in McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa661,662.

    Children of HENRY STUDY and LUCY ETTLEMAN are:

  1. i. EFFIE5 STUDY663,664, b. July 03, 1886, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa665,666; d. September 26, 1910, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa667,668; m. (1) LOREN RAYMOND JOHNSON, December 24, 1905, Unknown; b. September 14, 1881, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown; m. (2) LOREN RAYMOND JOHNSON669, December 24, 1905, Unknown669; b. September 14, 1881, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa669; d. Unknown, Unknown669; m. (3) LOREN RAYMOND JOHNSON670, December 24, 1905, Unknown670; b. September 14, 1881, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa670; d. Unknown, Unknown670.
  2. i. RAYMOND STUDY671,672, b. July 26, 1894, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa673,674; d. Unknown, Unknown675,676; m. EDNA JUNE BALDWIN677,678, May 26, 1915, Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska; b. November 14, 1895, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa679,680; d. Unknown, Unknown681,682.


19. CATHERINE ELLA4 STUDY (DAVID3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)683,684 was born May 31, 1870 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa685,686, and died July 12, 1917 in Council Bluffs, Iowa687,688. She married JAMES HENRY KEMP689,690 December 24, 1889 in Thurman, Iowa. He was born December 12, 1868 in Egypt, Mills County, Iowa691,692, and died August 22, 1929 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa693,694.

    Children of CATHERINE STUDY and JAMES KEMP are:

  1. i. EDITH GEOA5 KEMP695,696, b. June 28, 1891, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa697,698; d. Unknown, Unknown699,700; m. GUY ALVIE WILEY701,702, December 06, 1911, Bartlett, Iowa702; b. October 18, 1881, Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa703,704; d. Unknown, Unknown705,706.
  2. ii. GOLDIE MAY KEMP707,708, b. May 03, 1893, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa709,710; d. Unknown, Unknown711,712; m. (1) ERNEST DEE ELLIOTT713,714, January 15, 1913, Thurman, Iowa; b. May 19, 1892, Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado715,716; d. Unknown, Unknown717,718; m. (2) LOREN RAYMOND JOHNSON, December 20, 1926, Rockport, Missouri; b. September 14, 1881, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa; d. Unknown, Unknown; m. (3) LOREN RAYMOND JOHNSON719, December 20, 1926, Rockport, Missouri719; b. September 14, 1881, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa719; d. Unknown, Unknown719; m. (4) LOREN RAYMOND JOHNSON720, December 20, 1926, Rockport, Missouri720; b. September 14, 1881, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa720; d. Unknown, Unknown720.
  3. iii. HAZEL INEZ KEMP721,722, b. December 06, 1895, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa723,724; d. Unknown, Unknown725,726; m. CLARENCE WILBUR SURFACE727,728, January 01, 1916, Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa; b. September 12, 1889, Waubonsie Valley east of Bartlett, Fremont County, Iowa729,730; d. Unknown, Unknown731,732.
  4. iv. GLADYS IRENE KEMP733,734, b. May 12, 1898, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa735,736; d. Unknown, Unknown737,738; m. LUTHER JEROME WILEY739,740, August 30, 1916, Bartlett, Iowa; b. July 17, 1891, Laurel, Cedar County, Nebraska741,742; d. Unknown, Unknown743,744.


20. LISSETTE H.4 STUDY (LEONARD3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)745,746 was born May 28, 1859 in McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa747,748, and died May 07, 1886 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa749,750. She married OSCAR VAN HOUTEN751,752 January 01, 1880 in Thurman, Iowa. He was born May 17, 1858 in Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa753,754, and died Unknown in Unknown755,756.

    Children of LISSETTE STUDY and OSCAR VAN HOUTEN are:

  1. i. WILLIAM OLIVER5 VAN HOUTEN757,758, b. October 30, 1880, Lenox, Taylor County, Iowa759,760; d. Unknown, Unknown761,762; m. ARLIE PEARL763,764, June 11, 1905, Waterville, Douglas County, Washington; b. July 16, 1884, Halsey, Linn County, Oregon765,766; d. Unknown, Unknown767,768.
  2. ii. BERT VAN HOUTEN769,770, b. November 09, 1882771,772.
  3. iii. OMER VAN HOUTEN773,774, b. April 14, 1886775; d. Unknown, Unknown776; m. (1) LOLA MYERS776, 1911, Unknown776; b. Unknown, Unknown776; d. Unknown, Unknown776; m. (2) MINNIE V. BEATLY776, August 18, 1918, Unknown776; b. 1895, Virginia776; d. Unknown, Unknown776.


21. MARY MARIA4 STUDY (LEONARD3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)777,778 was born December 18, 1860 in McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa779,780, and died Unknown in Unknown781,782. She married WILLIAM HERBERT GREENWOOD783,784 March 16, 1881 in Thurman, Iowa. He was born February 22, 1859 in Winterset, Madison County, Iowa785,786, and died Unknown in Unknown787,788.

    Children of MARY STUDY and WILLIAM GREENWOOD are:

  1. i. ETHEL AGNES5 GREENWOOD789,790, b. January 16, 1882, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa791,792; d. October 16, 1887, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa793,794.
  2. ii. LEONA GREENWOOD795,796, b. January 05, 1885, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa797,798; d. Unknown, Unknown799,800; m. (1) HAROLD FLINN801,802, March 06, 1909, Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa; b. December 20, 1883, Unknown803,804; d. Unknown, Unknown805,806; m. (2) DAVID ELMER GARST807,808, March 23, 1922, Denver, Colorado809,810; b. Unknown, Watson, Missouri811,812; d. Unknown, Unknown813,814.
  3. iii. LEN ARTHUR GREENWOOD815,816, b. December 22, 1886, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa817,818; d. November 06, 1887, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa819,820.
  4. iv. WALTER ELMER GREENWOOD821,822, b. July 16, 1891, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa823,824; d. Unknown, Unknown825,826; m. THELMA VIVIAN MARTIN827,828, January 03, 1917, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa; b. November 06, 1896, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa829,830; d. Unknown, Unknown831,832.
  5. v. RALPH HOMER GREENWOOD833,834, b. November 16, 1893, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa835,836; d. Unknown, Unknown837,838; m. NELL ELIZABETH DANSON839,840, June 25, 1919, Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri; b. January 11, 1898, Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa841,842; d. Unknown, Unknown843,844.
  6. vi. FOREST O. GREENWOOD845,846, b. September 21, 1895, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa847,848; d. Unknown, Unknown849,850; m. (1) SARAH BESS ROGERS851,852, March 24, 1921, Iowa Falls, Hardin County, Iowa853,854; b. December 22, 1896, Miami, Saline County, Missouri855,856; d. Unknown, Unknown856; m. (2) INEZ ESTHER STEPHENSON857,858, January 29, 1968, Evanston, Illinois859; b. October 22, 1906, Scandianavia, Wisconsin859,860.

22. BARBARA ALICE4 STUDY (LEONARD3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)861,862 was born November 15, 1862 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa863,864, and died Unknown in Unknown865,866. She married CORNELIUS SURFACE867,868 March 07, 1885 in McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa. He was born July 21, 1860 in Indiana869,870, and died March 24, 1906 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa871,872.

       Children of BARBARA STUDY and CORNELIUS SURFACE are:

  1. i. HERBERT ADAM5 SURFACE873,874, b. January 11, 1886, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa875,876; d. Unknown, Unknown877,878; m. (1) MINNIE HOFER879,880, December 10, 1913, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska881,882; b. Unknown, Unknown883,884; d. July 07, 1919, Omaha, Nebraska885,886; m. (2) REGINA LOUISE ANDRESON887,888, June 20, 1923, Unknown889,890; b. Unknown, Unknown891,892; d. Unknown, Unknown893,894.
  2. ii. AMY EDNA SURFACE895,896, b. October 26, 1887897,898.
  3. iii. SHERMAN LEONARD SURFACE899,900, b. November 18, 1889, Bartlett, Iowa901,902; d. Unknown, Unknown903,904; m. HAZEL IRENE BUHR905,906, June 06, 1921, Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska; b. May 29, 1901, Tabor, Mills County, Iowa907,908; d. Unknown, Unknown909,910.
  4. iv. DELLA FAYE SURFACE911,912, b. November 23, 1891, Bartlett, Iowa913,914; d. November 03, 1892, Bartlett, Iowa915,916.
  5. v. ELVA BELLE SURFACE917,918, b. November 28, 1893919,920.
  6. vi. BERTHA LETA SURFACE921,922, b. July 28, 1896, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa923,924; d. Unknown, Unknown925,926; m. ARCHIE MANN BOLDRA927,928, April 21, 1926, Hamburg, Fremont County, Iowa; b. January 06, 1898, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa929,930; d. Unknown, Unknown931,932.
  7. vii. GLADYS MAE SURFACE933,934, b. May 25, 1899935,936.
  8. viii. EVA MILDRED SURFACE937,938, b. September 27, 1901939,940.
  9. ix. WALLACE GERALD SURFACE941,942, b. March 29, 1905943,944.
  10. x. ALICE PAULINE SURFACE945,946, b. March 30, 1906, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa947,948; d. Unknown, Unknown949,950; m. ALMER WORTH TAYLOR951,952, July 08, 1926, Percival, Fremont County, Iowa; b. June 26, 1906, Menlo, Guthrie County, Iowa953,954; d. Unknown, Unknown955,956.

23. DAVID JAMES WALTER4 STUDY (LEONARD3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)957,958 was born March 22, 1874 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa959,960, and died Unknown in Unknown961,962. He married DAISY MABEL HAYER963,964 September 04, 1906 in Grand Junction, Greene County, Iowa. She was born July 07, 1879 in Ogden, Boone County, Iowa965,966, and died Unknown in Unknown967,968.

    Children of DAVID STUDY and DAISY HAYER are:

  1. i. WALTER KENNETH5 STUDY969,970, b. September 01, 1907971,972.
  2. ii. INFANT SON STUDY973,974, b. August 21, 1910975,976.
  3. iii. SARAH MABEL STUDY977,978, b. August 23, 1911979,980.


24. CLARENCE ELMER4 STUDY (LEONARD3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)981,982 was born September 18, 1879 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa983,984, and died Unknown in Unknown985,986. He married NETTIE V. HAYER987,988 August 04, 1908 in Boone, Boone County, Iowa. She was born September 05, 1890 in Beaver, Boone County, Iowa989,990, and died Unknown in Unknown991,992.


  1. i. ARDETH DE VEE5 STUDY993,994, b. June 25, 1920995,996.

25. CLARA EMMA4 STUDY (LEONARD3, JOHN2, CHRISTOPHER1)997,998 was born September 18, 1879 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa999,1000, and died Unknown in Unknown1001,1002. She married (1) OREN ERNEST EWELL April 23, 1901 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. He was born August 05, 1879 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa, and died Unknown in Unknown. She married (2) OREN ERNEST EWELL1003 April 23, 1901 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska1003. He was born August 05, 1879 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1003, and died Unknown in Unknown1003. She married (3) OREN ERNEST EWELL1004 April 23, 1901 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska1004. He was born August 05, 1879 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1004, and died Unknown in Unknown1004.

    Children of CLARA STUDY and OREN EWELL are:

  1. i. VERA MABEL5 EWELL1005,1006, b. December 05, 1902, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa1007,1008; d. Unknown, Unknown1009,1010; m. DANIEL CLAYTON TILLMAN1011,1012, September 12, 1923, Percival, Fremont County, Iowa; b. May 06, 1896, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa1013,1014; d. Unknown, Unknown1015,1016.
  2. ii. GRACE NELLE EWELL1017,1018, b. February 18, 1905, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1019,1020; d. Unknown, Unknown1021,1022; m. ROLAND OAKLEY DAVISON1023,1024, January 07, 1924, Bartlett, Iowa; b. April 05, 1906, McPaul, Fremont County, Iowa1025,1026; d. Unknown, Unknown1027,1028.
  3. iii. FREDA MARIE EWELL1029,1030, b. March 15, 1909, Bartlett, Iowa1031,1032; d. Unknown, Unknown1033,1034; m. DON KEEFER1035,1036, April 07, 1931, Bellview, Calhoun County, Illinois1037,1038; b. Unknown, Unknown1039,1040; d. Unknown, Unknown1041,1042.
  4. iv. JUNE FRANCES EWELL1043,1044, b. June 21, 19111045; d. September 10, 1951, McPhersen, Kansas1046; m. JOSEPH STANLEY YODER1046, September 19, 1931, Maryville, Missouri1046; b. January 24, 1908, Unknown1046; d. August 18, 1946, Unknown1046.
  5. v. DORIS LETA EWELL1047,1048, b. July 28, 1914; m. (1) JOHN H. SCHWARTZ1049,1050, October 06, 1958, California1050; b. Unknown, Unknown1050; m. (2) DR. LYMAN O. HOPKINS1051, September 18, 1937, Unknown1051; b. May 24, 1899, Iowa Falls, Iowa1051; d. March 1950, Sidney, Iowa1051.
  6. vi. LEONARD OWEN EWELL1051,1052, b. January 30, 1918; m. KATHRYN JOSEPHINE LYNN1053,1054, May 16, 1942, Fairfax, Missouri1055,1056; b. January 08, 1920, Unknown1057,1058.

26. ANNIE J.4 STUDY (ARCHIBALD3, DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)1059,1060 was born August 25, 1871 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1061,1062, and died Unknown in Unknown1063,1064. She married CHARLES A. HARLESS1065,1066 September 08, 1889 in Bartlett, Iowa. He was born March 04, 1868 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1067,1068, and died Unknown in Unknown1069,1070.

    Children of ANNIE STUDY and CHARLES HARLESS are:

  1. i. ERNEST IVAL5 HARLESS1071,1072, b. September 11, 18901073,1074.
  2. ii. EAMER C. HARLESS1075,1076, b. November 09, 18981077,1078; m. FRANCES LAIRD1078.
  3. iii. EVERETT D. HARLESS1079,1080, b. January 12, 19021081,1082.

27. FLORA ZELL4 FOSTER (EMMA J.3 STUDY, DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)1083,1084 was born June 10, 1860 in Sidney, Iowa1085,1086, and died Unknown in Unknown1087,1088. She married MICHAEL ROBERT KIMSEY1089,1090 June 1877 in Smith County, Kansas. He was born March 15, 1854 in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois1091,1092, and died Unknown in Unknown1093,1094.

    Children of FLORA FOSTER and MICHAEL KIMSEY are:

  1. i. ROBERT NEWTON5 KIMSEY1095,1096, b. March 15, 18781097,1098.
  2. ii. EDNA KIMSEY1099,1100, b. 18791101,1102.
  3. iii. CHARLES ELMER KIMSEY1103,1104, b. April 19, 18811105,1106.
  4. iv. CLARA LILLIAN KIMSEY1107,1108, b. September 03, 18831109; m. ETHELBERT BEER1110, Unknown, Unknown1110; b. Unknown, Unknown1110.
  5. v. WILLIAM MARION KIMSEY1111,1112, b. July 28, 18931113,1114.

28. JOHN DAVID4 STUDY (FRANCIS MARIAN3, DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)1115,1116 was born Unknown1117, and died Unknown in Unknown1118. He married ROSETTA TYSOR1118 June 15, 1907 in Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa1118. She was born May 29, 1882 in Unknown1118, and died Unknown in Unknown1118.

    Children of JOHN STUDY and ROSETTA TYSOR are:

  1. i. THELMA5 STUDY1118, b. March 17, 1914, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1118; m. HENRY ARCOREN1118.
  2. ii. FOREST EARL STUDY1118, b. December 08, 1908, Riverton, Iowa1118; m. DORA COCHRUN1118, Unknown, Unknown1118; b. Unknown, Unknown1118.
  3. iii. WILDA STUDY1118, b. January 09, 1910, Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa1118; m. NOEL WORMAN1118, Unknown, Unknown1118; b. Unknown, Unknown1118.
  4. iv. GOLDIE STUDY1118, b. January 22, 19121118.
  5. v. DORTHA STUDY1118, b. July 15, 1917, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1118; m. JOE SANCHEZ1118, Unknown, Unknown1118; b. Unknown, Union, Nebraska1118.
  6. vi. WILLARD ERNEST STUDY1118, b. April 18, 1920, Bartlett, Iowa1118; m. GENE LEIPER1118, Unknown, Unknown1118; b. Unknown, Unknown1118.
  7. vii. BROOKE DAVID STUDY1118, b. October 31, 1924, Bartlett, Iowa1118; m. CATHERINE HOLDEMAN1118, Unknown, Unknown1118; b. Unknown, Unknown1118.

29. ALTA4 STUDY (FRANCIS MARIAN3, DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)1119,1120 was born Unknown1121,1122. She married FRANK C. KEPHART1122.

    Children of ALTA STUDY and FRANK KEPHART are:

  1. i. RUBY TOLETA5 KEPHART1122, b. April 06, 1915, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1122; m. JOHN BRANSON ATKINSON1122, Unknown, Unknown1122; b. January 04, 1915, St. Paul, Minnesota1122.
  2. ii. ERMA ELLEN KEPHART1122, b. February 14, 1909, Bartlett, Iowa1122; m. GEORGE FREDERIC CURTIS1122, Unknown, Unknown1122; b. August 09, 1906, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1122; d. December 10, 1953, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1122.
  3. iii. EVELYN IRENE KEPHART1122, b. January 04, 19281122.

30. BAIN4 STUDY (FRANCIS MARIAN3, DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)1123,1124 was born Unknown1125, and died Unknown in Unknown1126. He married ETHEL KEPHART1126 July 05, 1923 in Bartlett, Iowa1126. She was born May 23, 1901 in Minden, Nebraska1126.

Children of BAIN STUDY and ETHEL KEPHART are:

  1. i. ELLEN BELLE5 STUDY1126, b. July 20, 1925, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126; m. JOHN DEE MOORE1126.
  2. ii. HAZEL MAE STUDY1126, b. May 27, 1928, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126; m. EDWIN MCCOLLUM1126, October 26, 19461126.
  3. iii. ELSIE EILEEN STUDY1126, b. January 15, 1930, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126; m. NICHOLAS STARVOS HULLIS1126, November 12, 1947, San Diego, California1126; b. October 20, 1928, Norfolk, Virginia1126.
  4. iv. WILMA JUNE STUDY1126, b. June 28, 1932, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126; m. ARLEN GRAGG1126, June 10, 19501126.
  5. v. NORMAN DEAN STUDY1126, b. May 28, 1934, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126; m. MARY ANN JENSEN1126, June 04, 1957, Papillion, Nebraska1126; b. June 28, 1940, Fort Calhoun1126.
  6. vi. NORMA IRENE STUDY1126, b. May 28, 1934, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126; m. JACK MCCOY1126, November 23, 19511126.
  7. vii. VELMA LUCILLE STUDY1126, b. September 05, 1935, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126; m. FRED BILLINGS1126, October 25, 1954, Elizabeth City, North Carolina1126; b. December 21, 1933, Crystal, Montcalm County, Michigan1126.
  8. viii. MAX GLEN STUDY1126, b. April 16, 1940, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126.
  9. ix. JERRY LEE STUDY1126, b. September 06, 1942, Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126; m. LEOTA MAXINE HOWSER1126, August 03, 1964, Pacific Junction, Iowa1126; b. April 04, 1947, Pacific Junction, Iowa1126.

31. FRANCIS MARION4 STUDY (FRANCIS MARIAN3, DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)1126 was born December 29, 1889 in Unknown1126, and died February 13, 1961 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126. He married ELVA MURRIEL BAYLOR1126 March 27, 1918 in Unknown1126. She was born June 02, 1899 in Unknown1126, and died March 14, 1925 in Thurman, Fremont County, Iowa1126.

    Children of FRANCIS STUDY and ELVA BAYLOR are:

  1. i. RICHARD FRANCIS5 STUDY1126, b. September 19, 1918, Bartlett, Iowa1126; m. WILMA MYRL COGHILL1126, May 19, 1940, Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa1126; b. Unknown, Unknown1126.
  2. ii. BERNARD CLIFTON STUDY1126, b. February 11, 1920, Mills County, Iowa1126; m. (1) LOUISE BLACKBURN1126, April 1942, Unknown1126; b. Unknown, Unknown1126; m. (2) DARLENE CLARK1126, April 1942, Unknown1126; b. Unknown, Unknown1126.
  3. iii. DARELD ALLEN STUDY1126, b. January 11, 1922, Mills County, Iowa1126; d. September 04, 1945, Philippine Islands1126.
  4. iv. MILDRED ELLEN STUDY1126, b. April 14, 1923, Rawles Township, Mills County, Iowa1126; m. DENVER ELWOOD PIERCE1126, July 25, 1939, Rockport, Missouri1126; b. September 05, 1919, Riverton, Iowa1126.
  5. v. WAYNE ALLEN STUDY1126, b. August 28, 1924, Rawles Township, Mills County, Iowa1126; m. BETTY ANN GILMORE1126, Unknown, Unknown1126; b. June 12, Clinton, Indiana1126.

32. WILLIAM4 EYLER (LUCINDA3 STUDY, DAVID C.2, CHRISTOPHER1)1127,1128 was born April 18, 1860 in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois1129,1130, and died Unknown in Unknown1131,1132. He married JULIA E. COSTER1133,1134 Unknown in Unknown. She was born February 14, 1862 in Mills County, Iowa1135,1136, and died Unknown in Unknown1137,1138.

    Children of WILLIAM EYLER and JULIA COSTER are:

  1. i. GAY W.5 EYLER1139,1140, b. December 29, 18821141,1142.
  2. ii. GUY W. EYLER1143,1144, b. December 29, 1882, Syracuse, Otoe County, Nebraska1145,1146; d. February 26, 1909, Bartlett, Iowa1147,1148.
  3. iii. EFFIE ORISSA EYLER1149,1150, b. March 08, 18851151,1152.
  4. iv. ROBERT FAY EYLER1153,1154, b. May 31, 18871155,1156.
  5. v. DANIEL C. EYLER1157,1158, b. July 17, 18891158; d. Unknown, Unknown1159; m. BELVA POWLES1159, November 25, 1914, Unknown1159; b. Unknown, Unknown1159; d. January 25, 1944, Omaha, Nebraska1159.
  6. vi. VIVA E. EYLER1159,1160, b. August 09, 18911161,1162.


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